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Using the EasyDock modular floating pontoon system you can create your perfect pontoon or jetty, to your size and to suit your specific requirements. Whether your pontoon or jetty is long, short, wide, thin, fixed or temporary, the possibilities are endless. The range has been designed for all projects and especially for installations in open sea or other areas exposed to frequent wind and waves. Our high quality plastic system is guaranteed for many years, environmentally friendly and requires no maintenance.

EasyDock really is easy to use and reliable, it provides unlimited configurations and application options. With the EasyDock modular docks system,you can easily and quickly install,reshape and expand your configuration to adapt it to new requirements. The EasyDock modular floating pontoon system is a must for residential,commercial, marina and recreational facility docks or any other application. When compared to wooden,metal or cement docks, it advantages are crystal clear, just consider its exceptional lifespan and its high resistance to the most severe weather.

EasyDock offers the possibility of assembly from top surface of the dock without any under-water connecting ports which always slow down the installation. Our floating docks unit made of blow moulded HDPE and is almost indestructible matarial, UV Stabilized, 100% recyclable, rot-proof and resistant to acids,bases and hydrocarbons.

The EasyDock floating platform systems are very durable hence suitable for every season’s usage. It is resistant to chemicals, salt water and many acids. Due to its polyethylene environmental friendly structure, it is harmless to water and environment. Its rounded corners protect from injuries. Our Systems for Floating docks are composed of modular blocks in high density plastic,weather resistant, light high or low temperatures (-55° to +65° )

There are several possibilities to anchor the platforms and walkway. Main anchoring systems are dead-weights and pipes. Sections are connected to each other by PE connecting pin edge fasteners. Project Costs are calculated on project by project basis and based on every piece required and installation where required. The installation is very Fast and Easy and can be modified any time and easily.

EasyDocks are beside personal use, the EasyDock modular floating pontoon system can be use in military, hotels and resorts,fish farms,water sports, pontoons.

We are able to make pontoons any colour you wish, however our standard colours are Beige, Blue, Black and Orange.

EasyDock floating pontoon components


     Single Float 50cm x 50cm            Double Float 100cm x 50cm                        Connecting Pin                                End Lug Connector                                     Nut


                  Float Fender                        Double End Lug Connector              Double  Connecting Pin                       EasyDock Handrail                                    Gangway