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Unifloat Pontoons Designed for heavy duty marine applications

EasyDock, working in partnership with Ivor King offers the Unifloat floating pontoons for hire.

Unifloat Pontoons, otherwise know as linkfloats, steel pontoons and piling pontoons are hHeavy duty, versatile road transportable modular pontoon system ideal for use in the civil engineering projects.  individual units can be easily connected to provide a range of different configurations for a variety of uses (work platforms, jetty, barge etc).


Length:  5.30 metres

Breadth:  2.43 metres

Depth:  1.23 metres

Weight:  3.5 tonnes

Load capability:  9.5 tonnes at 22.5cm freeboard

Full turnkey solution:

EasyDock offers a full turnkey solution for your floating pontoon hire requirements on our Unifloat Pontoons. For more information, please call 0121 222 1088